Thursday, August 9, 2007

What is an accessory?

I decided to make this blog to offer free accessorising tips to anyone in need.
Cos i've noticed how alot of people don't seem to know what goes with what.
So if you know you belong to that category, i suggest you include this blog in
your favorites list cos it just might come in handy.

What if i could give you tips on accessories you could use when going on a date.
Or those for beautifying your otherwise rundown looking appartment.
what's an accessory you might say.

Dictionary definition

1. optional part: an optional part that may be fitted to something to perform an additional function or enhance performance.

I find this definition interesting already.

2. fashion article: an item of clothing that is worn or used for a fashionable effect with an outfit"designers who create neckties as fashion accessories" (International Herald Tribune June 1997)

This most ladies would want to see

3. ac·ces·sa·ry -law - somebody who helps criminal: somebody who aids somebody else in committing a crime or avoiding arrest but who does not participate in the crime itself

But this definition i know no one would want.

Anyway the point is i would be giving free tips so stay tuned. All types of multimedia would be used.
see you soon.

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